Providing Dignified, Sustainable and Affordable Housing For All

Katherine Austin is an architect licensed in both Oregon and California with offices in Bend, OR and Sebastopol, CA, and works throughout all of Oregon and Northern California. Her work emphasizes higher-density affordable and middle-market housing for both private and non-profit developers. Her work includes a full range of housing from homeless shelters, multifamily apartments, small-lot subdivisions, standard subdivisions, mixed-use developments of commercial and residential, townhouses and cottage clusters. 

Meeting the client's needs to expeditiously provide dignified, sustainable, affordable and beautiful housing for individuals and families of all income levels is the goal of Katherine’s business.

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Katherine will discuss with you the needs of your project, help you to determine the best program, and advise you on process. Once an initial contract is signed, Katherine will research all applicable land use and building codes that will determine the scope of the design. She will do an initial site plan and schematic plans and elevations for your approval.

Documents will be provided for submittal to City or County for entitlements. She will work closely with your Civil Engineer and other consultants. Katherine will present the design in all public hearings. Once approved a new contract will be negotiated to prepare construction documents to complete the project.

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Affordable and Middle Market Housing

Katherine has an extensive portfolio of built projects that run the full gamut of affordable and middle market housing. She can help you determine the highest and best us of your land for development and work with the governmental agencies to see a swift approval process.


100% Approval

To date, Katherine has a 100% approval record for all the designs she had presented. She achieves this by understanding exactly what the needs are of both the client and the city or county. She has extensive experience in presenting to neighborhood groups as well as environmental agencies for properties that are difficult either because of siting constraints, natural resources, or difficult neighborhood groups or political environments.


On Time, On Schedule

Katherine has consistently delivered both the entitlements and construction documents on time and within budget. Time is money, holding costs add up, she knows the financial constraints on developers and works with them to expedite all approvals as well as construction methods. All of Katherine’s clients have been builder developers and she understands and respects their needs.